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You finally get a chance to sort out the rescue resin you bought ages ago, string that sucker up, find a head for it and get ready to go...then realise it has a massive great crack in the neck. Well, now I know why it was such an easy trade...*eyerolls* Sadly it's been too long since the transaction for me to do anything about it because I was too busy with life shit to have the time to properly check...see also, it was fucking filthy and smeared in body blush that took me three days to scrape off. Still tho, let this be a lesson to you all, eventually, we all get stung and this is only the second time in all the years I've been in the hobby, so really, I'm not doing too badly I guess. That said, CHECK YOUR SHIT OVER WHEN IT ARRIVES, OK!

As for fixing it, well, one ghetto fixer job with superglue and re-inforcing ribbon later and we're waiting to see if that helps after it dries. If that fails, I'll epoxy that bitch up and since it's actually ASHLEY's body, loose strung isn't really a problem, he's always sat down anyway!

So yeah. Bit of a sucky discovery and whilst I can pretty much guarantee it was like that when it arrived, fuck all I can do about it this late in the day. Life-1, Lulu-0.

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