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You know that moment when you buy a new head but the old faceup just isn't what you need, so you kinda gradually psych yourself up to stripping the damn thing off, all mental cheerleading that yes, it'll be a pain in the arse and take hours but it'll be ttly worth it in the long run? I mean, obviously the non-resin followers here probably won't, but the rest of you get it, right?

So yeah, I bought this head a while back in the great wilderness of house based DIY, and finally I have the time and freedom to play again, so out it and the as yet untouched new Harry came to be stripped. When I bought it, the seller informed me with no small amount of dire warning, that the thing had been sealed with liquitex matt sealer and it would take "a lot of scrubbing". Now, I was ok with that, it was a bargain, resin with issues is sort've my forte, so I figured it'd take the regulation 45 minute scrub and I'd get about 95% of the shit off and paint over the rest. No biggie.

I dump Harry's head in the bowl of isopropyl for a soak, think mebbe I'll start with the other one first since the seller was pretty clear. I scrub with water and magic sponge, that paint DOES NOT MOVE. Ok, it's not like she didn't warn me, right?! Dunk the sponge in the isopropyl...hell if that paint did not just WIPE. OFF?! Impervious to water...MELTS under alcohol. I kid you not, liquitex is possibly the single greatest invention in resin land?! TWENTY MINUTES LATER, every SPECK of paint on that head is gone...easy as that?! LOOK:
Heads a Dryin' by lulufae
It's the one on the right, FYI, and the one on the left, which was apparently sealed with CONCRETE, took an hour and a half to get to that stage in comparison. It was supposed to be a faceup done by whoeever Carol at Angelesque uses and having had to remove it, I can assure anyone who paid for a faceup from her, that shit AIN'T MOVING without a fight :/ I still can't get his teeth clean of the pink shit in there *sigh*

Still though, say hi to Harry on the left (who you all know and love), and Eddie on the right (who you don't but will). The former you'll be seeing when I've sorted his boobectomy, and the'll be seeing when I convince someone to lemme have an old SDF body for under £100 shipped. What?! Stranger things have occurred, mostly to my resin too!

But yes, in conclusion, thank you to European collectors using Liquitex because that shit is a dream to remove! :D
Heads a Dryin' by lulufae
Heads a Dryin'
This is Harry and Eddie, or it will be, eventually! Just proving I am indeed still alive and now the house is done, getting back to my resins! :D
Just been epic busy dealing with the house renovations and getting a mountain of shit done, BUT RESIN STUFF GOT DONE TOO! Yes, yes it did! I found the new Harry and while he is technically currently a girl, I think we all know that's a thing I'm used to fixing *cackles* I also bought a new doll...not that he's anywhere near done...and I think I found a better body for Fathead...and I decided to leave Es and Trip for a bit, so I sold them. ALL IN, BUSY! I will try and get some shots up soon though because I have like 9 days to finish the house before my outlaws descend for a visit and MY GOD I MISS MY DOLLS?!

How is everyone?!
WHAT A SHAME. On the plus side, I sold two and only bought one, so this is progress, right?! *kaff* yeaaaahhhhh

PLUS SIDE, I now have a bathroom with a walk in shower that looks like it should be one of JARVIS' relatives. This pleases me immensely.

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