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I do not give permission for ANY of my images to be reposted anywhere, across any social media, forum, site or personal blog, under any circumstances. Thank you!


I did not know I had this feature! I HAVE LEARNT! In other news, gone AFK for a week on holiday, have fun everyone <3
And apparently I'm not alone since I see a lot of people doing the same thing and revamping their BJD collections atm, so yeah. REVAMP TIME. I think, despite my strongest of principles, I actually had allowed external influence to effect the way I dealt with my dolls and that's just so NOT me. With that in mind, I sold the MNF Ryeon and I'll probably sell the Saintbloom (NOT SASHA, don't worry, tiny clown fans), because they just were characters I did nothing with and at this point, I can't afford to have resin I barely touch kicking about.

I've always tried to keep the hobby self funding, and frankly atm, that's for the best, so these sales are happily supplying me with the cash needed to sort out things like Harry's new body and mebbe buy them some nice clothes too. I'd really like to update Halim's shell, because he's outgrown the old one after 8 long years on it, and that should be funded by the sale of his old one and the remainder from the ryeon and saintbloom too, so with luck, I should have this lot sorted soon!

I'm dead bouncy about all of this, it's a very freeing thing, I think :D
So I fell into an old thing I thought I'd walked away from and failed miserably because I fell back in love again and I can feel my resin based doom approaching with increasing less than good at a time when cash is even tighter than usual, but HEY HO. At least for the time being I can just write them and that keeps the nagging urge to cuddle a physical version of them marginally at bay!

Sadly that does also mean I go digging about for other things to read and find myself mired in the mess that is poorly researched fanfic that makes me twitch! YAY. Seriously tho, for all you writers out there, neither medieval France or Victorian era East London had indoor bathrooms OR for the most part, even running water. READ UP, dear god...still, that's actually less mentally jarring when well written than reading English characters, in England "walking down a sidewalk"...just no. I actually back buttoned out of a fic the other day SO FAST, the page wasn't even loaded when I hit it. Purely because that was the first line and I knew I wouldn't get any further through it without wanting to correct it. Yeah.

Actually while we're on the topic of twitches in fic, what is WITH the sudden obsession with Omegaverse and mpreg?! I mean, fair enough, whatever floats your boat and that but it seems like atm it's in almost EVERY fic?! Is it the fashion du jour or what?! And why does no one write AFFECTION anymore?! Why is every E rated bloody fic just PWP?! WHERE IS THE ROMANCE, PEOPLE?! If they keep this shit up, I'm gonna have to go back to reading BOOKS ffs!

So yeah, TL : DR - I write a lot, I read a lot, I'm aware of my impending resin based poverty.

So I just saw someone on DoA whinging because they'd had to wait three months for a doll and HOMG IT WAS RIDICULOUS TOO LONG.................BWAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH COME BACK TO ME WHEN YOU HIT A YEAR AND WE'LL TALK *snort*
Dark Alleyways by lulufae
Dark Alleyways
When I was recently given a set of the Booth maps...well...there was really only the one man that needed this shot, let's be honest! What would Dorian be without the east end, after all, and what would it be without him! For those familiar, he's on the arrow of Whitechapel. Seemed fitting :D

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